Enchanting Enamel Collection: Unveiling Our New Moon, Star and Sun solid Gold Necklaces

Get ready to adorn yourself with the stars, the moon, and the sun! We're thrilled to unveil our new enamel jewelry collection, a blend of celestial charm and the ancient art of enameling. This exclusive range celebrates a unique collaboration with a family-owned jewelry atelier nestled in the heart of Lebanon, where the tradition of enameling has been kept alive by passionate artists for generations. Before we gaze at the stars of the collection, let's demystify the enameling technique that makes these pieces truly stand out.

Enameling: A Dance of Color and Fire

Enameling is a decorative art that dates back to ancient times, involving the fusion of powdered glass to metal. The process begins with the meticulous application of colorful enamel onto a carefully crafted gold base. Then, with the precision of a skilled artisan, the piece is fired until the enamel melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating. The result? A vibrant, glossy finish that enhances the gold's natural luster.

A Collaboration of Craftsmanship and Heritage

Our new collection is born from a partnership with a family-owned Lebanese atelier, where craftsmanship is a family legacy. In this region, enameling is not just a technique—it's a form of storytelling, passed down through generations. Each necklace from our collection is a narrative woven from the threads of tradition and contemporary design, made by hands that know the language of jewelry by heart.

Enameling Beauty: The Collection

The collection includes different necklaces and bracelets hand-crafted in 18k solid gold, vibrant, colorful, quite flexible and customizable: we can personalise the enameling finish or the chains thickness and lengths to your preference. The collection includes different styles and themes, from the evil eye and hamza symbols, very popular in the middle East and the Mediterranean, to the cosmos pieces, which I choose to focus on today in my blog. 

Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

This enchanting piece captures the crescent moon's delicate beauty, with its enamel finish adding depth to the lunar curve.

This necklace is two sided, with two different styles: a gold moon and five enameled

 stars on one side and a full enameled back with a gold rim. You can select a turquoise or white finish for the stars enameling, while for the plain side turquoise, Lapis blue and white. If you're interested to customize this pendant with a different enamel finish that is also possible.  Having two different styles in one piece is a great aspect of this gold moon and stars necklace, making it a great addition to your jewelry collection.

Gold Star Necklace

gold star necklace

Twinkle with every step you take! Each necklace in this trio is a celestial marvel, featuring a finely crafted pendant with a radiant star motif that captures the enchanting allure of the night sky. 

Gold Sun Necklace

gold sun necklace

A radiant emblem of vitality, the gold sun necklace pendant showcases the sun's energy. handcrafted in 18k gold, this sun pendant is a testament to the power of the sun, with its enamel rays casting a warm glow upon the wearer. Perfect for a summer jewelry styling but also to remind oneself of the warmth and the sun's positive energy. 

Quality and Authenticity: A Pledge to Our Customers

In our collection, every gold moon necklace, star necklace, or any celestial piece you choose is crafted from solid gold. Solid gold, ensures that your piece of jewelry will preserve its gold allure, it is waterproof and timeless. Necklaces are 15.7" and has an extension ring at 15". Whether you prefer to have a longer chain we can make that happen. 

Conclusion: Wear the Cosmos with Pride

As we bring this introduction to a close, we invite you to explore the universe through our enamel jewelry collection. Each piece, from the full moon necklace gold to the star necklace gold 18k, is a testament to the timeless allure of the celestial bodies, the skill of Lebanese artisans, and the enchanting art of enameling. Embrace the elegance of enamel and let your style speak the language of the stars. Whether it's a crescent moon necklace rose gold, a golden sun necklace, or a star gold necklace, find your piece of the heavens today. We look forward to seeing how you shine in our new collection. Remember, when you choose one of our enamels, you're not just wearing jewelry; you

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